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Physical Therapy

elderly having a physical therapyIf you or a loved one is in need of physical therapy following a sports injury, an accident, or if you are experiencing chronic pain due to an illness or disease, MedPro HEALTH PROVIDERS LLC is here to help. We have highly-trained physical therapists on our staff who are equipped with the latest therapies and treatments that can benefit you.

With their knowledge, training, and education, our physical therapists at MedPro HEALTH PROVIDERS LLC will:

  • Assess your injury
  • Ask about your current complaints/problems
  • Ask about your goals in physical therapy
  • Check the pain intensity
  • Check how your injury/pain is affecting your daily life
  • Inquire about your medical history

Once our physical therapists at MedPro HEALTH PROVIDERS LLC are able to acquire all of the pertinent information that they need, they will then proceed to create a tailor-made therapy plan that specifically targets your needs and goals. They will utilize the latest innovations in the field of physical therapy, and even equip you with high-end mobility aids should you need it.

Our patient physical therapists are looking forward to helping you recover! Reach out to us at 708-240-8088 and let’s talk about physical therapy arrangements today.