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Occupational Therapy

couple sitting togetherUltimately, the goal of our occupational therapy at MedPro HEALTH PROVIDERS LLC is to help our clients live a comfortable, normal, and happy life despite whatever disability or illness they are facing. We want to help our clients maintain their independence in all aspects of their lives, and we want to help them continue functioning as a part of their community.

With their proficiency, education, and dedication, our occupational therapists at MedPro HEALTH PROVIDERS LLC will:

  • Ask about your goals for occupational therapy
  • Ask about medical history
  • Ask the guardian/parent about concerns regarding the patient (i.e. child isn’t speaking, does not socialize, etc.)
  • Evaluate current situation through different assessments/tests (designed to test hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, cognitive processing, and etc.)

After our occupational therapists at MedPro HEALTH PROVIDERS LLC are able to obtain all of the relevant information that they need, they will then proceed to create customized therapy plan that precisely meets your needs and goals. They will utilize up-to-date therapies, and even equip the patient with assistive devices (i.e. hearing aids, walking assistive devices, etc.) should they need it.

Our kindhearted occupational therapists will do everything they can so that you can continue living an independent and satisfying life. Reach out to us at 708-240-8088 and let’s schedule an occupational therapy arrangement today.