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MedPro Health is a state of the art EMR company with full automation capabilities that provides our clinicians the support they need to deliver better care to their patients by removing the burden of too much paper work.With a fully integrated point of care system which automates all of your required paperwork, our clinician can dedicate their time and energy to the real reason you became a health professional: caring for patients.

Here are the advantages of working for MedPro:


Individualized patient careplans are automatically generated from the assessment and transfer over to the
progress note. Each progress note is patient-specific.

Individualized careplans Standard and customized careplans are automatically   generated from clinical assessment results; Careplans include recommended interventions,    outcomes, due dates

Track progress of each careplan item. Streamlined tracking of patient's 
problems; resolved problems are automatically archived, most unstable problems are listed first

National Drug Database Includes product trade name and generic name, dosage form,    routes of administration, active ingredient, interactions, contraindications, side-effects, teaching,    outcomes, and uses

Transcribe physician orders at the bedside

Deteriorating status alerts for immediate action

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Our Mission... To provide professional, compassionate care to individuals while maintaining their independence and quality of life in their home or community settings.